FAQS About The Electric Cigarette

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The electric cigarette was first developed and came onto the market in 2003. Since then electric cigarettes have gained in popularity. Nowadays, more and more traditional cigarette smokers realize that electric cigarettes actually provide a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco products. What exactly are electric cigarettes and how can they be healthier than regular cigarettes? Read on to find out more.

What is an electric cigarette?

Also known as e cigs, personal vaporizers or e cigarettes, these battery powered devices provide the user with doses of nicotine or non-nicotine product by inhalation of a vaporized solution. They are generally shaped like a long cylinder or tube, so they look like a traditional cigarette or ball point pen. The majority of electric cigarettes are reusable and have replaceable and refillable parts. There are some disposable electric cigarettes available also.

They have been designed to give the user the same sensation that a regular cigarette or cigar user would experience when smoking. They can be a source of nicotine, but without the thousands of other chemicals that are present in tobacco products. They can also be used to give just the sensation of smoking without the nicotine.

Are electric cigarettes safe?

The solution that provides the vapor that is inhaled by the user generally only contains water, propylene glycol blended with vegetable glycerin and flavoring. These ingredients can actually be found in many everyday food items that we consume. Many manufacturers of electric cigarettes have had their products thoroughly tested to ensure that they contain no cancer causing agents.

Traditional cigarettes contain over four thousand different chemicals and they produce carbon monoxide which limits the ability of your blood to carry oxygen around your body. Electric cigarettes do not contain any of these poisonous chemicals. Also, because they do not burn, they do not produce carbon monoxide. This makes the electric cigarette a much healthier option if you do wish to keep smoking.

Where can they be used?

Smoking has been banned in a lot of places all over the world. The fact that electric cigarettes are non-flammable, have no tobacco and they do not produce any smoke or second hand smoke means that you can use them just about anywhere.

Just be aware though that if you do commence using an electric cigarette in a public place where smoking has been banned, you may receive some raised eyebrows or be asked to not smoke. Many people who have encountered this reaction have managed to get around it by simply explaining the product. Lots of people use their electric cigarettes at work, in restaurants and other public areas.

Is the electric cigarette useful in quitting smoking?

These products are not designed specifically as a quit smoking aid. Reviews by users of electric cigarettes however have used them to help in the reduction of the amount of tobacco consumed. Electric cigarettes really are just a better choice than smoking tobacco products.

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